Fresh Starts

A fresh start in finances correlates with hardships in our lives. We give money a certain value because it does not come easy. Money requires a certain amount of sacrifice and discomfort. This could mean a sacrifice of time, or health, or taking on stress.


How can we create fresh starts when money seems to cause us more pain than joy? It is helpful to find a good balance between sacrifice and reward. Pure deprivation will only bring you an overwhelming sense of suffering. As human beings, we seek pleasure and enjoyment. These two feelings are not wrong, but they should be experienced rather than pursued. We will not experience pleasure without discomfort. For example, you may find joy in looking for a replacement jacket when your old one is too worn out. However, you may find it uncomfortable to replace a working pair of shoes only because you want to change styles. It is important to acknowledge the feeling of discomfort and if it is strong, to channel it in a positive manner. You may enjoy reading a great book more than replacing shoes; therefore, you can choose to read while letting the discomfort flow through you.


Whenever there are intense emotions that happen due to financial occurrences, make sure to fully feel these emotions. Do not hold on to the emotions and do not avoid them. Emotions are energy that needs to flow through our body and give us clues on how to react. We are all capable of becoming fully feeling human beings. We all deserve waves of new beginnings from time to time.


Editor: Melinda Kovacs

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