What is Money?

One of the very best definitions of money is the one by Vicki Robin in “Your Money or Your Life”. She defines money as “Your Life Energy”. This definition is both consequential and compelling. Money is not simply a transitory item. Money requires significant time and energy to create. This time we spend will never be regained. This ought to make us consider what we give up in exchange for the money we earn.

Life is linear. Once time has passed, we cannot go back and relive one particular moment ever again. We can fantasize about what we would have done differently, but we can’t go back and live out these fantasies. This ought to teach us to listen more intently to older people’s regrets. A big regret many people carry with them is not learning how to be there for the important people in their life. Many experience great distress wondering why they spend so much time working instead of enjoying their life with others. This is even harder to answer when those loved ones pass away.

Money is essential for necessities, comfort, and freedom. However, money is only a tool. We must be aware that most of us give money too much power over us. We must always have control over ourselves. Society might tell us that we need money to live happily, but this is false. The most valuable and fulfilling aspects of our life are health, passions, time with our loved ones, and genuine contribution to humankind. Money is not the problem. The problem is not finding the right balance between our time and values.

Editor: Melinda Kovacs

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