Instant Gratification and Boundaries

We live in a world in which everything is instant. We have become accustomed to getting anything we desire, instantly. This can be tricky as most corporations thrive off of instant gratification. To combat this current trend in society, creating strong boundaries within our lives is necessary. Like fences around our homes, boundaries allow us to keep the positive emotions and influences in our lives, and keep the negative ones out. It is therefore equally important for us to know the difference between what is bad for us and what is good. Oftentimes, boundaries can be misinterpreted as benefitting to or harmful to others. This is not so. Boundaries only need to accommodate our own needs and desires.

Setting boundaries for ourselves is for the greater good. Oftentimes, this is what it means to practice discipline, or self-love. For example, at a bar, recognizing the limit of alcohol intake is important, in order to reduce the risk of becoming physically ill or succumbing to an injury. Another practical example might be junk food. Eating too much junk food and not enough whole foods will eventually override wellness and result in fatigue and irritability, at the least. In order to stay physically active and mentally alert, it is important to know when a boundary must be set in order to avoid this.

Next time, we will focus more on avoiding the extreme and feeling deprived. For now, let us focus on taking time out to breathe and become aware of how we spend our money and our time.

Editor: Christen M. King

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