Love Starts with Me

We are usually taught from an early age not to be selfish. When we understand the importance of helping others, we tend to take this to heart. However, it can be taken too far! We can exert ourselves trying to take care of everyone around us. We keep waiting to feel complete, but instead feel empty inside. If we barely have time to take care of our needs, this will extend into our financial stability. I want to share a personal story to illustrate the point.


Due to my lack of self-care, I kept myself in a toxic debt cycle. When I failed to find fulfillment through external validation from people, I medicated through excessive shopping, eating, and drinking. I needed instant comfort, even if it was not within my means. I was not enough for myself. In 2017, I fell very ill during a business trip. I was so out of touch with myself, I had ignored my illness for too long. When I was finally given the proper medical care, I was too weak to walk, which meant I had to be taken back to work in a wheelchair! It was the worst time of my life. It was also a complete miracle. Only when you feel like you are close to the end do you realize that you actually want to live. I was ready to live my life, with my rules, my decisions, and my freedom.


First, I forgave myself for all the past mistakes and I took the first step towards getting out of debt. Next, I started to learn what I truly liked and disliked. Soon, I started to feel a deep connection and love for myself. I realized that the only person I am guaranteed to always be with, is myself. I know I am enough. I now always take care of myself completely! No guilt.


Editor: Melinda Kovacs

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