The Season of Giving

We are exposed to a variety of commercials every day. This multiplies exponentially during the holiday season. Retail stores and online shops know that we are all looking for the perfect gifts for our loved ones. There is nothing wrong with gift-giving. However, how mindful are we about these gifts?


We must banish the hyper-consumerism mindset that marketers enable during the holiday season. Most commercials create a sense of lack to entice people with their product. Stay away from places where you know it will be hard for you to resist a sale price. Remember that better than a 25% off sale is the 100% off discount you get by not buying that item in the first place.


Please know that there is no need to get someone the latest iPhone when they have a perfectly working phone that is a slightly older model. There is also absolutely no need to go into debt for any purchase, especially a holiday gift. Purchasing a gift for our loved ones has turned into a competition to show our love through the monetary value of the gift, but these are not the only types of gifts. How about gifting experiences? You can make coupons for chores or a free babysitting session for a family member with kids. For a partner, how about a night to cook their favorite dinner? Now that places are opening up, maybe you can give a gift certificate for a nail salon or tickets to a show. Crafters can give handmade gifts such as candles, soaps, scarves, and baked goods.


Keep in mind that we are complete already with or without gifts. There is nothing that we could acquire that would make us more complete. Disconnect from social media and tv during holiday gatherings and make your presence the best present.


Editor: Melinda Kovacs

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